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Original Prints by Ivan Minekov

"Ivan Minekov’s exquisite sketches illustrate quite vividly that at the foundation of a sculptor’s imagination is the art of movement, which is at least as important as the structure of form.” Claudia Moscovici, Art Critic, Ann Arbor, July 30, 2020

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Still Lifes by Paola Minekov

Eccentric representations of Paola's favourite cities. Gorgeous colors and immersive shapes

Limited Edition Prints

Museum quality prints of Ivan Minekov's artworks

Limited Edition Prints

Museum quality prints of Paola Minekov's artworks

Lamplight London

Shop Cityscapes by Paola Minekov


We're very pleased with our print. A wonderful image of London and a great quality, crystal-clear print with really strong colours.

Ian Parkinson about Lamplight London


Dancers in White

Elegant. Ethereal. Exquisite.

- Claire-Louise Price

Dancers II

As you look at the painting, the dancers actually start to move!

- Phillip Cohen

Kiss in Blue

Possibly the most affecting piece of art I have ever seen.

- Robert Schofield